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HCT Regenerative was established in July 2016, and is the first company in Taiwan to focus on processing human tissue to produce regenerative biomaterials for clinical use.

HCT focuses on donated human tissue, such as placentas, musculoskeletal tissue and skin, that can be utilized for orthopedics, neurosurgery, sports medicine, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, wound management, burns, dental, and cosmetics.

HCT Regenerative offices are located in the district of Tamsui, New Taipei City with our processing facility located in Yingge, New Taipei.

Since our inception in 2016, HCT Regenerative is the first and only company in Taiwan to focus on processing human tissue, building a class 10,000 cleanroom according to American standards. The TFDA has approved the establishment and HCT Regenerative is allowed to process and bank amnion, as well as import and bank musculoskeletal tissue.

In August of 2019, HCT Regenerative received accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). The AATB is the premier standard setting body for promoting the safety and use of donated human tissues, with the overwhelming majority of tissue used in transplantation coming for AATB accredited institutions.

HCT Regenerative is not only the first tissue processing company in Taiwan, but also the first to have amnion products. Currently, HCT offers a dehydrated amnion membrane patch and an amnion matrix injectable.

HCT Regenerative has a total of 16 employees, two offices, and a processing center with a class 10,000 cleanroom. Distribution channels have been established into the major hospitals and medical centers throughout Taiwan, and are in the process of establishing channels into clinics throughout Taiwan.

In November 2018, HCT was awarded Taiwan’s National Innovation Award for a startup company.​