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In September 2017, LifeLink tissue bank, a division of LifeLink Foundation, Inc. based in Tampa, Florida came on as a partner with HCT Regenerative in which LifeLink provides certain finished allografts. In addition to providing finished allografts, LifeLink also procures and provides bone and soft tissue for HCT Regenerative to use in our operations in Taiwan. 

Jean Davis, President and CEO of LifeLink Foundation, Inc. said, “LifeLink is pleased to work with HCT Regenerative, which will provide tissue for reconstructive procedures to save and heal lives, and increase donation opportunities for donors and their families. This is a great opportunity for LifeLink to make an impact in Taiwan and across Asia.”

James Tsai, Ph.D., HCT cofounder and Managing Director, said, “It is a great honor to partner with LifeLink Foundation.  Together we are dedicated to providing high quality allografts to improve patients’ quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region.”

About LifeLink:

LifeLink Foundation, an independent, non-profit community service organization is dedicated to the recovery and transplantation of organs and tissue.  The Foundation is made up of five divisions:  LifeLink Tissue Bank, which recovers and processes tissue for patients in need, LifeLink of Florida, LifeLink of Georgia, and LifeLink of Puerto Rico, three federally-certified organ procurement organizations; and LifeLink Transplantation Immunology Laboratory, which supports 15 organ-specific transplant programs.  Additionally, the LifeLink Legacy Fund supports the LifeLink Foundation mission through transplant patient assistance, research and programmatic grants to improve organ and tissue donation, and transplantation. Learn more about LifeLink Foundation at, or LifeLink Tissue Bank at